The Birth of Hazel Lee

"My husband and I were extremely happy with our home birth experience. We were looking for a family oriented birth experience but thought that a hospital birth was our only option on Maui; we knew very little about home birth with a midwife.  

During our first meeting Merrily asked us about our concerns and discussed our questions with us for over an hour. We were very impressed with her medical background and vast experience with home birth deliveries. The prenatal care we received by Merrily was far superior to the prenatal care I received from my doctor, we were more than a number to her. 

Merrily spent time first answering any questions we had, and then doing a thorough check up on me, and then assessing the health of the baby.  She listened to my husband and included him in the visits, and incorporated him into the entire birth experience.  She cared about our emotional preparation for the birth in addition to our health.  At the birth Merrily and Jan (her assistant) were efficient, professional, caring, gentle and emotionally supportive – we had a perfect experience. I could not have received more competent or compassionate care anywhere else. My husband and I got to immediately bond with our new daughter as a family in an intimate and loving environment. The post natal visits were also been in-depth and comprehensive. Merrily truly cares about the emotional well being as well as the physical health of her patients." - Cory and Holly Lee



The Birth of Leinani Vurno

"Our first child was born in the hospital with the help of a doula. When we were pregnant again, Merrily was our first choice because she is a nurse and a certified professional midwife. After our first meeting with her, we knew we had the right midwife. She was professional, warm, thorough and confident. In our prenatal appointments we had time and space to share our thoughts, excitement, and concerns. During my labor, Merrily was calming and powerful. I knew we were safe with her. Since we were at home, I was able to labor and birth in our bath tub.

After the birth of baby and placenta, I was back in my own bed snuggling and nursing our daughter. My husband and mother never had to leave. I was supported in caring for our newborn while healing and resting from my labor. Merrily stayed after the birth to thoroughly examine and evaluate our little girl, to monitor my bleeding, and insure we were all doing well. About 3 hours after Leinani was born, her big brother woke up and crawled into bed with us. He was so comfortable and able to enjoy holding and watching his little baby sister. Merrily gave our whole family such a beautiful gift of a safe home birth. We could never thank her enough. We continue to look to Merrily for guidance and help. We look forward to working with Merrily in future pregnancies. Merrily thank you, thank you, thank you!!'


Jade Duell and Owen Wilson

"Like most first time parents we were excited and nervous. We had a million questions and luckily we found a midwife with the patience and experience to guide us every step of the way. Merrily's background as a nurse and the fact that she had delivered over 2,000 babies gave us real peace of mind. We always felt everything was going naturally and according to plan. And on the morning of Jan 14th, with Merrily and Jan right there coaching the process along we finally welcomed a beautiful, healthy baby to the world! Thank you for all your help Merrily!" -Jade Duell and Owen Wilson

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The Gebb Family

"I could write a book advocating home birth, its simply the most amazing and empowering experience you will ever have!  Merrily and Jan guide you thoughtfully through the birth process with their incredible knowledge and experience.  I felt immensely comfortable and safe giving birth to my two children at home and delighted to be away from an invasive environment.  The pre and post natal care and attention you receive is unparalleled.  Trust your body, trust the process and trust "The Dream Team" as Merrily and Jan are known by those of us who have had the pleasure of birthing with them." -Carrie & Ariel Gebb, Maui, Hawaii


The Birth of Julian Jordan Mordret

"Before educating myself on my birthing options, I always assumed that you HAD to have your baby in the hospital. I have never felt comfortable in a hospital setting and my fiance urged me to read up on natural birthing options and their benefits. After some research I decided that a home birth was the route for me.                       

I was so fortunate to have found Merrily and her assistant Jan. The prenatal care I received was so personal, and gave me the information I needed to be  confident in myself and my body's ability to birth naturally. Equally as important, is the confidence I have in Merrily.

The day of baby Julian's birth, I was calm and ready. From the beginning Merrily had fueled my confidence and put me in a great state of mind, so I felt prepared and excited when the big day arrived.

The option to birth at Merrily's home was such a blessing, considering I felt my home wouldn't be as comfortable. The atmosphere she provided was exactly what I needed. It was calm, and peaceful. I had brought over all the things that I felt would make my birthing experience memorable and I felt right at home the whole time. The support from Merrily and Jan before, during, and after the birth I feel would be unmatched by far against a hospital birth; and even though I could have done a hospital birth at no cost, I just don't believe I could put a price tag on the gentle, amazing way my baby was brought into the world.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to help deliver my baby.  I will never ever forget hearing Merrily tell me to reach down and finish delivering Julian. To be given the chance to do this was priceless to me. I know without a doubt, that the next time I'm pregnant I will be calling on Merrily. Mahalo Merrily, you're the best!"


Enza & Gary

"Having heard from other moms what a wonderful experience they had, we decided to have a home birth with Merrily. We were confident that her medical expertise and vast experience would get us through any situation. She provided guidance and coaching in her pre-natal visits that gave us the education we needed. Throughout the labor and birth, Merrily’s presence was one of support, encouragement, strength, and security. Moms-to-be are in skilled hands with Merrily, and parents have found a valuable resource for support and education. Merrily is a special person – we are so happy she was the one that helped bring our baby into this world."  -Enza & Gary


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