Labor & Delivery Services

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Labor & Delivery Services

Every mother will be given the well-deserved opportunity to labor and deliver in the manner and position in which she chooses. Every baby will be provided the best possible, gentle transition from the womb into the loving arms of mom. I'm not restrictive with time, and work with you patiently throughout your labor. However long it takes I will make sure you and your baby are safe and well taken care of along the way.

Home Birth Services Between 37-42 Weeks Pregnancy...

  • Phone calls and guidance as needed
  • 24/7 availability on phone and in your home when needed
  • Continuous care and support during labor
  • Labor and birth in the privacy of your home 
  • Use of Deby birthing stool if desired
  • Water birth availability if wanted and use of tub (for a small fee)
  • Qualified midwife assistant as needed 
  • Complete exam of you and baby after birth
  • Stay with you for 3 hours until you and your baby are stable, you've eaten, gone to the rest room, baby is breastfeeding, you are comfortable with team leaving, your house is cleaned, and all immediate postpartum information is gone over
  • Photography available if desired
  • Use of private home for birth if your home is too far away or not appropriate.  Please click here for pictures and details.
  • If you are transported for any reason, I or my assistant will go with you to the hospital and stay through the birth and continue through your full postpartum care

Early Labor 

You'll contact me as soon as any signs of labor have begun, or what you feel is the possibility of labor beginning. Usually you and your partner or friends will  labor on your own at the beginning. We will be in close touch via phone.

If you go into preterm labor I will be with you in the hospital to inform and support you through your birth. I believe strongly in women being empowered through their birth experience no matter who they choose as their care provider or where they choose to deliver. Because of this I offer prenatal care to all women wanting to be educated about the journey they are embarking upon.