Benefits Of Home Birth


Benefits Of Home Birth

  • Be able to deliver in any position
  • Less chance of infection
  • No separation of mother & baby! 
  • Water births available
  • Breastfeeding education
  • Newborn testing, in your home
  • Personalized relationship with your caregivers
  • Being able to choose who is at your birth, not limited to 2 people
  • Being part of the decision process, not a “patient” being managed
  • Ability to give birth in a relaxed, peaceful, & safe atmosphere that is familiar
  • Control of your environment 
  • Experience more natural comfort measures during labor, such as warm showers or baths, massage, and laboring/birthing in positions that feels best
  • Personalized care provided by a medical professional 
  • Four thorough visits following the birth so all your concerns and questions are answered

Birth Is Empowering

Choosing Home Birth allows for a truly uninterrupted childbirth experience. You can enjoy the gentle surroundings of your own home throughout your entire birthing process. You have ultimate freedom to choose how and with whom you'll labor and birth. The lower levels of stress in women who experience childbirth in a familiar and comfortable environment have been proven to decrease complications for the mother and baby, naturally making your home a safe alternative. 

Environment affects the body’s ability to release endorphins that can reduce pain, and aid in the release of hormones that facilitate bonding with a new baby. A comfortable, stress-free environment creates a safer and more satisfying birth experience.

Birth is a normal part of a woman's life.  It can be a sacred, life-changing journey, and an empowering experience that gives one strength, power, humility and compassion.  A home birth supports all of this. 

Photo by  Pasha

Photo by Pasha